Group Walks

We offer daily pack walks at Marymoor Off-Leash Dog ParkĀ as well as hikes to Cougar Mountain. Let your pet exercise at the park and socialize with LOTS of awesome friends! All clients must pass a personality screening before joining our pack.

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Individual Training

For clients who would like to introduce their dogs to treadmill walks, we offer in-home treadmill training classes for you and your pet! Or, for pups who may need a little help getting to know other dogs, we offer safe socialization sessions.

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Pet Boarding

Treat yourself and your pet to a vacation! Boarding clients have the run of our house and fenced yard, and get to join our weekday group walks to Marymoor. Completely kennel-free options are available!

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PLEASE NOTE: I am from the east side. I did not change my number when i moved to Renton 3 years ago. Everybody asks!

Phone: (509) 339-3582


We are Licensed, Insured, & Passionate about pets!
Medically Trained!